The Darkest Hour

"Lux Rec will release a compilation in March called The Dying Lights.
Run by artists Daniele Cosmo and Dominik Faber, Lux Rec is a Zurich label that's been putting out shadowy club cuts since 2010 (most recently from Golden Pudel resident Helena Hauff). The Dying Lights is their first compilation, and Cosmo says it will touch on every side of Lux Rec's varied sound—"acid fueled stompers, creepy low-fi numbers, melodies of pain and sorrow, noisy, analog pieces," as he puts it. "All the track titles on the compilation have been chosen to have something to do with light in a way," he says. "Starting from very light to very black."
The Dying Lights features Lux Rec regulars like CCO and Echo 106, as well as a few newcomers, namely Villa Abo (AKA Jan Bertil Svensson of Frak), Drvg Cvltvre, Juanpablo and Sneaker. The collection will be available as a vinyl double-pack. You can stream "The Darkest Hour" From Luciano Lamanna & Daniele Cosmo below." (Resident Advisor)

"The Zurich label will issue its first compilation in March, featuring tracks from Echo 106, Drvg Cvltvre, Villa Abo and more.
The release of Helena Hauff’s excellent Shatter Cone EP probably alerted many people to the work of Lux Rec, but the Zurich label has been quietly building up a respectable discography over the past five years. Focusing on “the roots of dance music exploring elements from the early electronic scene”, Lux Rec founders Daniele Cosmo and Faber have issued music from the likes of Jared Wilson, D’Marc Cantu, and R-A-G (Aroy Dee, Ma Spaventi, and Gstring) as well as shining a light on lesser known talent like CCO, Stefan Blomeier, Cold Colours, and Lunar Lodge.
Previous Lux Rec releases from Murphy Jax, Jori Hulkkonen and Alessandro Parisi on the label have been heavily conceptual, so it’s little surprise that the label’s first compilation possesses a very specific central theme. As RA reports, The Dying Lights is naturally based around the concept of light with Cosmo telling the site all the track titles have been chosen around its perception, “starting from very light to very black.” Cosmo himself contributes on a track with Luciano Lamanna – which you can stream below – whilst label regulars CCO, and Echo 106 also feature. Further contributions come from Börft Records boss Jan Svensson under his recently revived Villa Åbo guise, Drvg Cvltvre, and Uncanny Valley artist Sneaker.
Lux Rec will release The Dying Lights in March 2015." (Juno)